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04 June 2009 @ 11:56 am
So. The boss at Petsmart gave me quite the run-around. So eventually I told him we should just agree that this weekend would be my last and make it easier on everyone. Which he agreed to. So, Saturday is my last day. I can't believe it. I'm happy but a bit sad too.

The new job is going well. I'm working my ass off for them. They're impressed and appreciative. That's the best part. When I do good, they tell me. They appreciate me. Petsmart has almost never made me feel appreciated. And when they're unhappy with something, they come to me in a constructive friendly way, and we fix it. Isn't that how a job should go? They're going to start training me on outside jobs tomorrow. Dog walks, etc. Then after this week I'm going to be Monday-Friday and full time. It's awesome.

I bought a new digital camera with my tax return. It's awesome. I'm still figuring it out, but I just got it yesterday. I need to get a new un-crappy laptop though so I can actually do stuff with the pics I take. That'd be nice.

Heidi (brother's babymama #1) got evicted yesterday. So the two kids of her's that are Jeremy's are staying with us indefinately. It kinda sucks, but at least it's not all 4. When it's just two at a time I can deal, but all four make me nuts. Her two cockateils are here too. Zim is trying to eat them.

Speaking of Zim. She got out and took off yesterday when Jeremy got home from work at 6am. I *just* got her spayed like a week and a half ago. Thank god. I was worried. She came back though. About midnight last night. While Aman and I were....in bed....talking.

The house-buying class didn't work out last weekend. Patch's son was sick so they needed to stay home. Lala and I were going to go, but they didn't get my email to reserve our spots, and no one else signed up so they canceled the class. Plus Aman had to work. There's one this Sunday in Eastlake that I'm going to try to go to. I'm sure we'll find one some time.

I've noticed something weird about my shot. When I'm really consistent about doing it on time, my moods get funky. But, when I suck about it, and do it on a wacky schedule I stay pretty sane. At least it seems like it to me. That's so weird.
(Anonymous) on June 4th, 2009 11:47 pm (UTC)
The "conversation" your mouth was having with my tit was really nice till you tore away from me like a vampire to a blood truck.....