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The Secret Life of a Closeted Emo Kid

Sometimes, I need to remember just to breathe.

19 January 1986
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I'm Joe. I live in Seattle, and have a son named Alex. I'm into art and stuff. Mostly I'm just a parent and a dog trainer. I'm pretty liberal. I identify as queer/transgender, and am transitioning from female to male. Read my journal, because it's the best way to get to know me.

activism, american pit bull terriers, anarchism, anarchy, anti-bsl, anti-violence, anti-war, art, bartending, bass guitar, bass players, batman, beck, ben folds five, beth's cafe, billie holiday, billy corgan, brand new, breed-specific legislation, british columbia, brodie, bully roundup, canine nutrition, cartoons, chocolate, civil rights, claire haider, coheed and cambria, color, concerts, cuddling, dance music, deaf dogs, death cab for cutie, deftones, dirty converse, dog training, dogs, donnie darko, dorks, drama geeks, drive-thru records, empire records, family guy, film, finch, fiona apple, freaks, free stuff, from autumn to ashes, garage sales, gay boys, gender, gender bending, gender expression, gender variance, glee, guitar picks, harry potter, hellogoodbye, history, hockey, individuality, invader zim, jack's mannequin, james dean, jones soda, legos, local music, love, magic, magic the gathering, mechanics, mikes hard lemonade, music, musicals, new york city, nightmare before christmas, ocean shores, onesidezero, organized play groups, painting, parenting, photography, piercings, pinball machines, pit bulls, politics, pool, punk, queer, queer youth, queers, radiohead, raw diet, raw feeding, reading, rent, respect, rights for all, rock, rock shows, romance, scent detection, scrubs, search and rescue, seattle, senses fail, sex, sharpies, silverchair, smashing pumpkins, something corporate, spiderman, spongebob, star wars, super mario bros., tattoos, techno, teenage mutant ninja turtles, texting, the graceland, the lusty lady marquee, the nightmare before christmas, the postal service, the sex pistols, the showbox, the simpsons, the spice girls, the starting line, the stranger, theater, thrift stores, tolerance, trannyboy, transgender, vancouver, veganism, vegetarianism, vodka, warm rain, weezer, ww2, x-men, zim