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15 December 2009 @ 12:31 pm
Do believe I'm getting better at knowing you  

Things are going well.

FINALLY potty training Alex. He's been diaper-free for a week now. Basically accident-free since Thursday. He had one this morning. He woke up while I was in the shower and didn't take himself potty. Which is understandable as he normally gets in trouble for leaving the bedroom. He felt so bad, which I think is a good thing. It means he's getting the idea. I told him it was ok, and we went and sat on the potty for a minute.

Amanda and I are moving next month. A good, good friend is giving us the hookup. We're getting an apartment in North Seattle. I'm so, SO excited. Financially, it's do-able but a bit tight. We're both looking for new jobs though. I had an interview this morning. It went well. I think I got it. It would be good in many a-way. If I leave the daycare it's pretty sure Amanda will get my job, then things financially will suddenly be a lot different.

I'm excited for Christmas. A little stressed, but mostly excited. I have several people to still buy gifts for still. I've done the important stuff though. I got Alex completely taken care of. He's totally spoiled this year. It's good though. Last Christmas was pretty lame. I got my nephews presents too. I'm concerned about Christmas with my family. I got Alex a lot of stuff. Jeremy hasn't done any shopping for his kids yet. I don't want Alex to have all of these presents and the boys have nothing. I know it's not my responsibility or anything, but it still sucks.

I guess that's it really. Excited about where life is heading these days. I'm happy.